Thursday, 23 June 2011

Meditation 1. Listening Deeply

Listening Deeply

Shhh... Slowdown. Listen. Listen to the subtler sounds behind the strident sounds. Not only to the subtle external sounds, or the sounds of the universe humming, but also to the sounds of our senses – breahing, pulse and stomach sounds.

Listen to the rising and falling of your chests as the breath moves in and out.

Listen to the weightiness of the of your body as you settle into it.

Listen to the judgment shifting aside as you notice what’s here.

Listen to the energy tingling and flowing in a rhythmic pulse of life through your body.

Listen to the silence and the stillness and the settling.

Listen to the heat, the cold, the breeze, the traffic, the passing thoughts, and the presence of being more than a limited body.

Listen to the expansion of your consciousness.

Listen to the dissolving into Oneness.

Listen to your heart creaking open and to the painful edges that initially provokes.

Listen to the well-being and bliss that is beneath being open and tender and welcoming to all of life's experience in this very moment.

Listen and be at peace.

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